New Age Outlaws With Steve Gunn


Steve Gunn is the host and creator of New Age Outlaws.

As an on-air host on country stations across Alberta, New Age Outlaws became an outlet to explore the depths of country music. What he found was an entire world that was being ignored by the establishment. Having cut his teeth in the punk scene, and growing up in a house surrounded by a myriad of different sounds, Steve found a common thread between these sub-genres and punk, and how it become more than just a sound: it became a lifestyle.

So while country music has a classic outlaw division filled with names that everyone knows, these artists who play by their own rules are the current, and next, generation of outlaws. Maybe not by sound, but definitely by attitude, work ethic, and status. 

Steve is also a proud father who loves collecting records, enjoys a good cup of coffee, and perpetually having his heart broken by the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Blue Jays.  


Get in touch with Steve and NAO anytime.

Twitter: @NAORadio

Instagram: @NAORadio


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