Jayson Shermack

Hello Leduc County! My name is Jayson Shermack and I have been with Blackgold Broadcasting for 2 and a half years and I am very excited to be a part of 93.1 The One. A little about me, I am a huge a sports junkie! I played all sports in high school and still play a lot right now! I love the Oilers even when they suck, which seems like all the time! I kind of grew up with country music because of my Mom. She always had Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks and so many others on the radio so at a young age I really got into country music.


FUN FACT TIME!!! I was actually born in one of the coldest places in Canada! Inuvik, Northwest Territories is where I was born and fun fact it is the highest you can go before hitting the Arctic Ocean!I studied broadcasting at NAIT and absolutely fell in love with it! I launched our sister in Parkland just 2 and half years ago and I am excited to get around town and get to know everyone in Leduc County!

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