Youths in Beaumont are invited learn healthy grieving practices tonight as part of a special workshop

Youths in Beaumont are invited to attend A Journey Through Grief workshop tonight

The workshop will be taking place at the Chantal Berbue Youth Centre and aims to teach people coping skills when they have suffered a loss. 

Sarah Fodchuk who is the Youth Centre Supervisor at the Berbue Centre tells The One News some of the biggest issues that youths face when it comes to losses.  

"I think there is a lack of understanding of how to support someone who is going through a loss or grief. A lot of the times we want to give advice because it's hard to see people that we care about who are sad. It's just not something I find that's modeled to young people or taught in schools how to support somebody going through that."  

Fodchuk says some of the things people can say to anyone who has gone through losing a loved one is to acknowledge that the person is in pain and to simply say it's okay to be sad and then to listen. 

" Don't be afraid to talk about your own experience around grief and loss and to talk about how much it sucks. I think sometimes we want to put a band-aid on things and we want to protect young people, but young people experience these things, "  says Fodchuk. 

The workshop will run every Monday until December 3rd from 7 pm to 8 pm.


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