Will there be enough polling stations for the next federal election?

Black Gold School Division to tell Elections Canada its schools can't be used.

The administration for Black Gold School Division has made a recommendation to the board that its schools not be used by Elections Canada as polling stations for the next federal election.

Concerns over the possible transmission of COVID-19 is the primary reason.

The news doesn't come as a surprise to the federal agency.  "It's what we saw with the more recent byelections in the Toronto area where we were not able to use schools as polling locations," said Elections Canada spokesperson Natasha Gauthier.  "In both cases, the returning officers were able to find suitable alternative locations."

Polling locations may not be the only hiccup facing voters the next time they go to the polls.  Additional protocols will likely be in place due to the ongoing pandemic.  "We're limiting the number of people as needed inside the polling locations," Gauthier added.  "People might have to wait a little bit longer to get in to vote if the polling location has limitations on it.  We will also be limiting the number of poll workers."

Gauthier told The One Elections Canada will be ready for Canadians to vote by March. 

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