Wetaskiwin banning single-use plastic bags starting next year

Single-use plastic bags will be banned next year in Wetaskiwin

If you live in Wetaskiwin you'll need to remember to have reusable bags while shopping soon.


Starting on July 9 of next year grocery stores and other retailers will no longer be allowed to sell or distribute plastic checkout bags.


The ban is meant to make the city more sustainable and divert from the landfill.


The ban will not include plastic bags that are meant for produce, meat, fish, bulk, hardware and bakery items, flower wrapping, dry cleaning or plastic bags intended to contain dirty, greasy or hazardous materials.


As of June 2020, stores in Wetaskiwin will start charging at least 15% per single-use paper checkout bag, fast food, sit down restaurants, food delivery services and mobile catering companies will be exempt from this charge.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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