Water system flushing in Leduc County

Reduced water flow in some Nisku area businesses has resulted in the need for water system flushing.

As a precautionary measure to protect against COVID-19, some businesses in the Nisku Business Park have a lower or zero occupancy and reduced water flow through the building.

The reduced water flow may have resulted in water sitting in service lines and inside of the building, becoming stagnant over time. As a result, some water service lines in the Nisku Business Park may need to be flushed.

The Government of Alberta has created a guide for flushing water systems that is applicable to sites where water demand has been suspended or substantially reduced due to temporary business shutdown or downsizing. 

Under section 4.6 of Leduc County's Water Services Bylaw 31-14, building owners are responsible for the service of water lines, including responsibility for undertaking the necessary measures to ensure water service lines and internal plumbing have been properly flushed.

 For more information, contact Leduc County utilities at 780-770-9040.

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