Tyson Parker Commitment to Life ceases operation after 12 years

The Leduc charity group raised nearly $800,000 for STARS Air Ambulance.

After raising nearly $800,000 over 12 years, the local Tyson Parker Commitment to Life Society is saying goodbye.

The charity group was started by Tyson Parker after a serious car accident near Leduc left him requiring STARS Air Ambulance back in 2005. After making a full recovery from potentially fatal injuries, he decided to start the society, with the goal of raising funds for STARS.

Tyson’s mother, Janice Parker, says after many successful fundraising campaigns their 2019 Farm to Fork event, which was scheduled for this Sunday fell through.

“I decided that we had better cancel the event in case ticket sales didn’t pay for everything we needed it to… In the end, all the money from the sponsors goes directly to STARS [either way],” she said.

She says the event cancellation and a series of other hurdles led to the decision to end the society. 

Janice says despite their situation, she’s proud of the work they’ve done

“We’ve done really well, we feel really good…When we first started we were hoping to raise $20,000, and as things were going well I thought to myself: ‘gee it would be really nice to get to one million [dollars]’, but that’s not going to happen under this society,” she said.

She says her family will likely continue to fundraise, just without an official organization.


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