Twinning Highway 19 an ongoing conversation for people in Devon

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People in Devon say twinning highway 19 is an urgent matter

A deadly crash on Highway 19 this week has sparked calls once again from people in Devon to twin that road.

Tracie Sarumowa lives on the town's north side and says this is not the first time that topic has come up and something she says needs to get done sooner rather than later.

Sarumowa tells The One News the dangers she sees driving on that highway.

"If somebody is going 80 on that road cause they're not comfortable because of the visibility, you'll have people passing and it's such a curvy road and then it has hills, and all this stuff, it could be foggy, if you have a truck passing you when it's snowing or anything like that you get this big whiteout coming, it's just a very dangerous road to pass on but then again there's no other option" says Sarumowa.

She believes twinning the road should been a no-brainer "first of all it would double the lanes so you would have options at that point, slower traffic would be able to go into the right lane, faster traffic would be able to pass safely in the left lane on there, you wouldn't have to worry about going into oncoming traffic at all which is the biggest issue, most of the collisions I hear on that road are head-on collisions".

The provincial government has been working on a three-phase improvement project on that road with the first phase expected to be completed next year.

The twinning project started in May of 2017 and according to Alberta Transportation, the total cost of highway 19 improvements is expected to be around $200 million.

The government is still doing work between Highway 2 and Range Road 253 which should be completed next summer.

The province committed $127 million to the three-phase improvement project in their 2018 budget.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)


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