Transit customers a step closer to more convenient services in Leduc County

Photo Courtesy Leduc Transit

It looks like its going to be easier for people in Leduc County who take public transit

They are one of 13 communities who reached an understanding last week to establish a regional transit services commission. 

Mayor Tanni Doblanko says "public transit is expensive, its complicated and moving towards a commission which will allow us to look at the expertise of all the other municipalities will get us there faster and more efficiently." 

"The transit commission doesn't mean that by the end of 2019 we are going to have a commuter bus running from Thorsby to Leduc that's just not within our ability, cost wise, or organizational wise. What it might mean is that if you are in Leduc and wanting to go to St. Albert that option will be there."   

  Doblanko says " the easier we can make people get to where they work and back home will be easier for us to attract high-quality talent which we know is in our region, but we just want to find an efficient way to move it to where the jobs are."

The hope is to have anything ready to go by 2020, and the Alberta Government has provided 3.7 million dollars to support behind the scenes work to get the commission up and running. (AJS/THEONE) 



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