Town of Devon reopens some outdoor recreation facilities

The Town's Municipal Office is also now open to the public

Playgrounds, the skate park, and the Town of Devon's Municipal Office all opened to the public this week. 

Although playgrounds may be open in Devon,  the town would like to remind all users that there no guarantee that they are safe for use from COVID-19, as playground structures are not cleaned or disinfected after each use. You are advised to use the playground closest to your home and to wash or sanitize hands before and after using playground equipment. It is recommended that you do not bring toys or other play equipment and should do your best to practice physical distancing from other playground users. Likewise, the town advises that if a playground looks too crowded come back later and adhere to crowd-size limitations. Limit the time you use the playground so other families can enjoy them with their children.

Devon's Town Council has also resumed its in-person Council Meetings at the Town Office as of Monday, following the reopening of its municipal office. The town office will maintain its regular hours going forward unless Alberta’s COVID-19 situation worsens, and residents coming to the Town Office should expect a new experience as protective fixtures have been installed and new health and safety protocols implemented at reception and throughout the building to help protect staff and visitors alike.

 The Town will continue to work with the Government of Alberta and Federal Government as it monitors the ongoing COVID-19 situation and will provide updates as restrictions are loosened or need to be reapplied to get through the pandemic. You can stay up to date by visiting the COVID-19 page on the Town of Devon's website.

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