Town of Beaumont holding Collaboration Innovation event this morning

Beaumont encouraging people about the importance of networking and collaboration

The town of Beaumont is preaching to members of the community the importance of networking and collaboration.

That's the idea behind the Collaboration Innovation initiative which will feature Edmonton Global CEO Malcolm Bruce as the keynote speaker.

Beaumont Mayor John Stewart tells The One News, collaboration has played in big part in the town's growth.

"Beaumont has been built with a spirit of collaboration and as we're now looking at becoming a city in January, we're looking at what's the next era of our community and what it'll be about and Collaboration Innovation is a very forward-looking, dynamic, innovative committee which is what we wanna be" says Stewart.

This mornings event takes place at the Beaumont Community Centre from 7:30-10 and will feature a "locally sourced" breakfast.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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