Thousands of letter delivered to legislature from people affected by oil and gas industry

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Local group says indecision has caused Canadians families to suffer in the oil and gas sector

The provincial government is being urged to do more to help families and businesses struggling in the oil and gas sector.

Rally Canada delivered thousands of letters this afternoon to Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd at the legislature grounds from concerned people.

Speaking to The One News, Rally Canada's Co-Founder Tim Cameron says they've got a number of questions they'd like both the province and federal governments to answer.

"Where were they when Bill C-69 was on the floor of the House of Commons?  Where were they when Energy East was canceled?  If the NDP stepped up and hit a home run for us then and somehow were able to pull us out of the fire we'd be thankful undoubtedly but all we've had is either talk or lack of, at the end of the day the result is real and the result is with the people of our community right now" says Cameron.

Last week a rally concerning the oil and gas sector was held in Brazeau County near Drayton Valley which saw over 1100 people in attendance.

Cameron says families across Canada have suffered from the indecision of both the provincial and federal governments to move the oil and gas industry forward. (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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