Thorsby needs more volunteer firefighters

Leduc County has extended a recruiting drive to attract more people to paid on-call positions

A recruiting campaign for paid, on-call firefighters in the Thorsby area came up a little short at the end of 2020.

While the community is in no immediate danger, Leduc County would like to have another five or six volunteers to bring the fire crew up to full compliment.

"They get the training required to be prepared to respond to all types of hazards," said Leduc County Fire Chief Keven Lefebvre.  "That means any type of emergency events including fires, vehicle accidents, and medical aid responses.  We also do a lot of public safety and public education."

There is flexibility in terms of the time commitment to be with the fire department.  "It could be a minimum of three hours Tuesday nights for training, and then some emergency responses," said Lefebvre.  He pointed out the Thorsby department gets called to about one hundred events each year.

Volunteers need to live within 19 kilometres of the fire station, and also need to provide their own transportation to get to the station when needed.

Lefebvre has been with the fire department for four decades.  In fact, he started as a volunteer and found the job to be quite rewarding.

"We get paid to play in the mud a bit like Mom said not to.  We tried to have a little bit of fun with some serious and important work."  

The recruiting deadline has been extended to the end of January.


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