Thorsby holding State of The Town Address tomorrow

State of The Town Address takes place tomorrow in Thorsby

Thorsby council is looking to hear from everyone in the community on ways they'd like to see the town improve and what has drawn them to live there.

Mayor Rod Raymond along with local councilors will be on hand starting at noon tomorrow for the State of the Town Address at the Thorsby and District Community Centre.

Among the major projects that happened this year was the opening of the new playground which has helped engage more of the town's youth.

Deputy Mayor Cory Gilbert tells The One News the vibe he's gotten from people in Thorsby about living in the community.

"It's been positive, there's a good energy in town, you know heading to the stores, talking with people at meetings, going to different community groups, there seems to be a really good positive outlook, people are excited, they have lots of good ideas and they want to get involved, so I think that's great to see and I think we need to leverage that" says Gilbert.

When it comes to next years budget Gilbert says they need to make sure the town gets the best value for the dollar and making sure it's improving life for those living in Thorsby.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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