The Mountain Pine Beetle is on the move and its made its way to Leduc County

There have been reports of a Mountain Pine Beetle infestation and it's in the area of Leduc County

What is a Mountain Pine Beetle?

Well, its small black beetle that likes to feast off of pine trees.

Agriculture Forum Aaron VanBeers says "it burrows into that tree in through the bark and basically is laying eggs in between the bark and the wood itself.   One or two, the tree is usually okay. What happens if you get thirty to forty to fifty of these attacking a single tree that's usually enough to kill a tree off."   

The beetles only attack pine trees and when that happens, the tree will usually die within a year. 

"What they are doing it's just like any insect, they are traveling, they are migrating. It's been happening for several years. The pine beetle has been in B.C for quite awhile attacking the pine trees there, and its been slowly expanding its range. How exactly they got here we aren't entirely sure, but there are definitely in this area." 

 How to tell if your pine tree has been attacked... well look for creamy globs. It'll look like crystalized honey. The globs are called pitch tubes. There will also be sawdust at the bottom of the tree. 

VanBeers says if you think your pine tree has been attacked to contact the Horticulturist that the Leduc County and the County of Wetaskiwin share to help with identification of the beetle. He says a good thing to do is to mark the tree so you can monitor it going forward. 


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