Survey suggests many Albertans don't plug-in their vehicles when it's cold

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AMA recommending people start plugging in their vehicles

These cold temperatures may be something most Albertans can handle but your vehicle is a whole other story.


In periods of extreme cold, the Alberta Motor Association(AMA) says more than 40 percent of the calls they get have to do with dead batteries.

If a recent AMA survey is any indication these calls are most likely because a lot of people don't plug-in their vehicles.

In fact of the 2300 Albertans surveyed 70% said they don't plug-in their vehicles if the temperature hits -15 which is the AMA's recommendation.

29% said they don't plug-in until it gets to -20, 11% waiting until it got to -25 while 5% don't plug-in until it gets to at least -30.

One-third of participants in the survey said they never plug-in their vehicles.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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