Study suggests Albertans waiting over 6 months for medical procedures in 2018

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Fraser Institute study says Alberta waiting at least 6.5 months for a procedure this year

If you needed some medical treatment this year chances are it took you a while to get it done.

According to an analysis released by the Fraser Institute Albertans who needed procedures or tests in 2018 had to wait an average time of 6.5 months.

The study looked at wait times for 12 different medical fields including, orthopedic surgery, diagnostic tests, and MRI's.

The report factors in the time it takes from a doctors referral to actually seeing a specialist and it found that across Canada patients waited on average about 8.7 weeks to see an expert.

Meanwhile, the wait times for actually getting treatments in Canada after seeing a specialist was 4.3 weeks for a CT scan, 3.9 weeks for an ultrasound and 10.6 weeks to get an MRI.

The Fraser Institute has been measuring wait times in Alberta for medical treatments since 1993 when our province's wait times were at 10.5 weeks.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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