Snowplows to add strobe lights

The Alberta government announced changes Friday to make work conditions safer for plow operators and other roadside workers.

Don't be surprised if you see snowplows with white strobe lights working the highways this winter.

The Alberta government announced changes today so snowplow operators can make themselves more visible by using white strobe lights.  

"Snowplow and tow truck drivers are essential workers who face significant risks," said Transportation Minister Ric McIver in a news release.  "New lights and signage will make sure workers are more visible on the highway."

The province plans to install signage on most highways to remind motorists to be cautious when approaching roadside workers.

There will also be a social media campaign launched to provide further information to Albertans.  And for anyone looking for an additional early warning system, the 511 Alberta app has the capability to warn drivers with an audible 'ping' when they approach a snowplow on Alberta highways.

Under the law, motorists are supposed to drive no faster than 60 km/h or the posted speed limit (whichever is slower) when approaching an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing.

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