Small business takes big advantage of Leduc's COVID Recovery Grant program

Dozens of businesses have signed up to receive help since the program was announced in mid-December.

It looks like Leduc's COVID Recovery Grant program was introduced at the right time for local businesses.

"At least 45 applications so far, and I think there's even more coming," said Leduc Mayor Bob Young.

The program was introduced in mid-December and is a partnership between the city of Leduc and the Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce.  It gives local businesses access to up to five hours of consultation with financial experts, to help them find the dollars they need to stay solvent.

"These grants have been changing almost weekly," said Young of the government aid programs which are available to help small business.  "For a small business person to keep up to date and know how to and where to apply is a struggle." 

Young says there are no plans to put a deadline on applications at this time.  "I'm really happy to see that there are this many who have been able to apply for it so far."


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