Shuttle bus company now serving Leduc

Cold Shot bringing Highway 2A bus services to Leduc

Help is on the way for people in need of public service in small communities like Leduc.

Cold Shot is expanding it's bus services through Leduc on Highway 2A with local depots for freight and passengers 

Cold Shot President Sunny Balwaria tells The One News the expanded service in 11 communities is a win/win for everyone.

"Every single bit is going to help the Cold Shot business, especially Leduc and Wetaskiwin, they're growing towns, and obviously the airport connected there is very important," says Balwaria.

Balwaria goes on the discuss what makes them unique from other bus companies.

"We are the only bus passenger company who is doing passenger and freight together, we have the cheapest, lowest ticket pricing on our board across Alberta and Northern BC because we get support from the small business community who ship with us and that subsidizes the price for the passengers," he says.

Balwaria says by using smaller 20 passenger shuttle buses passenger and freight customers can benefit from rates that are 35 to 45% lower than any competitor.

Cold Shot has been around since 2005 serving customers from Calgary to Edmonton along with Northern Alberta and Northern BC.

For more information about them just visit  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS).

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