Sheila Aitken for Devon Council

Sheila Aitken for Devon Council.

Sheila Aitken is seeking her third term on council during the upcoming Municipal Election.

After serving two previous terms on council from 2007 to 2013, Sheila Aitken is hoping to make it four more during the 2017 Municipal Election.

On top of her previous council experience, Aitken has a degree in political science, she was also in the Municipal Office for three years prior to running in 2007.

"Right now I don't see any plan in place that reflects what most of the residents I have spoken to would like to see," Aitken explained to One News when asked why she decided to run again. "I'm very concerned about the future of our community, and most concerned about our finances, so I've decided to put my name forward."

"One of my top priorities is to focus on an affective economic development engagement. It needs to be more hardcore, we need to develop our downtown, we need to go back to the downtown vitalization plan that we worked so tremendously hard on for six years so that we can retain the residents that we have and attract new residents." 

According to Aitken, the Town of Devon has only grown one per cent in four years. She believes Devon does need to grow, but carefully.

"Should we grow? Yes, we need residential and commercial growth, but we need to be careful [about] what that looks like [in] our community in the future," she explained in her platform. "It is all well and good to think about our grandchildren and transportation/utility corridors for the future, but if we do not plan properly, we will only serve to leave our grandchildren with a huge debt, which can only be paid by increasing taxes and utilities."

Aitkin supports live streaming council meetings and minutes, bringing in an indoor pool and recreation centre to the town, bringing in 24 hour policing and reasonable utilities in Devon.

"I'm hoping to bring back some of residential wants and needs."

Devon residents will head to the polls on October 16, 2017.

To hear more from Sheila Aitken regarding her platform, click the player below. 


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