Service Collaboration could be way of the future for Leduc

Centre Hope is behind a push to coordinate services for users.

It's a bold concept.  And, while it's still in the development stage and a long way from becoming a reality, much progress has been made on the Unified Community Resource Collaboration.

Eli Schrader has been working on the project for two years.  He's the Innovations Strategist and Partnership Director at Centre Hope.  "The idea is that we want to connect, in a more structured way, how social and health services as a system or a holistic perspective within Leduc and area collaborate," he said.

This won't change the way services are delivered in Leduc, but will have an impact on how clients are tracked and treated.  "They are going to each one of these organizations pre-pandemic in person, re-telling their information, which can be traumatizing," he noted.

Schrader is at about the mid-point in the development of the UCRC model.  He projected a start-up could be possible in as little as three more years.  A similar project in San Diego took seven years to launch.  He requested $75,000 to help with costs when appearing before Leduc City Council on the 12th of this month.  

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