Search continues for local powwow dancer's stolen regalia

Perkins Noon says various sacred pieces were stolen in Wetaskiwin last week.

A local powwow dancer is looking for the safe return of his stolen regalia.

Perkins Noon says his bustle of eagle feathers, a beaded breastplate, traditional bells, and leather leggings were all stolen from his sister's home in Wetaskiwin last week.

Noon says while the items could be worth thousands of dollars, they're priceless to him.

The regalia was given to him by his wife's uncle in 2017, which he says adds to the grief of losing the items as he feels he failed by letting the items get stolen. He says the items have notable cultural and spiritual significance, as well as being an important part of his First Nations identity.

He says although other valuables were stored with the regalia, nothing else was taken. This has him wondering if it could be someone he knows, although he says it could just be a result of Wetaskiwin's crime rate.

He adds that it'd likely be a tough sell as it's illegal to sell or buy eagle feathers in Canada, and is considered extremely dishonorable.

Despite being upset over the theft, he says he'll turn a blind eye to the perpetrator if they just return his items.


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