Recent poll suggests UCP hold decent lead over NDP if an election were held in October

Abacus Data poll says UCP holds 15 point lead if election were held in October

A recent poll suggests Alberta's Opposition Party may have an edge heading into a spring election.

The Abacus Data survey says the United Conservative Party (UCP) has a 15 point lead among committed voters and would win a majority government if an election was held at the time of the survey which was October 24-27.

The survey also suggested the UCP has a 44 point lead in rural Alberta.

Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson tells The One News he's still confident the NDP has the trust of Albertans.

"Our job is to fight for our regions and that's what I will continue to do, I'll keep fighting for more schools in our area, more economic development, that's my goal is to make sure that we're as prosperous as we can be and that the services are there when we need them" says Anderson.

The survey, however, suggested the race was much tighter when it comes to party leaders as 33%of those surveyed had a positive impression of Premier Notley while 31% said that about Jason Kenney.

800 people 18 and older were surveyed by Abacus.

59% of people surveyed who voted NDP in the last election did say they would do it again in 2019.

26% of respondents in the survey said they were undecided at that point with most adding they did vote in the 2015 election.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)





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