RCMP report this week the most popular one to steal vehicles in Alberta

RCMP warning motorists to watch out for vehicle thefts

Police around the province are out with a warning to motorists this week.

According to RCMP statistics, this 42nd week of the year was the most active period of stolen vehicle reports in 2017.

Detachments around the province are reminding people to secure their vehicles, remove valuables and registration out of sight and to never leave your vehicle running while unattended.

Last year the Leduc Detachment reported 561 vehicle thefts which ranked third in among all Alberta detachments.

So far this year according to police there was been 6,667 theft of motor vehicle cases reported from January to August 2018.

At least half of the vehicles reported stolen are the result of people leaving their keys inside their vehicle.

There were over 12,362 vehicles reported stolen across Alberta in total last year, a 32% jump from 2014.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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