RCMP pilot project aims to keep officers in the streets and out of the office

Pilot program hopes to better target rural crime

A new plan aimed at improving rural crime should lighten the workload for front-line police officers.

That's the hope of the new pilot project which has implemented new data and call centers for the RCMP so that cops can spend more time in the community and less time at their detachments answering the phones.

In the new system, officers will still answer to emergency calls, but those that are less urgent and time-sensitive will be handled by civilian staff at the Police Reporting and Occurrence System Data Centre.

Police are encouraged this will help them deal with incidents that need immediate attention.

RCMP first implemented call and data initiatives in February and have seen 3.853 calls diverted by police to the call center and its saved offers 9,390 hours representing 9 general duty constables workloads in one year.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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