RCMP cracking down on Impaired Driving

Bill C-46 allows police to demand a breathalyzer test from anyone they pull over

Starting today police across Canada are getting tougher with impaired driving.

Bill C-46 is now official which means officers can now demand a breathalyzer test from any driver who is pulled over for a violation or at a routine Check Stop.

Corporal Laurel Scott with Leduc RCMP tells The One NEWS what they hope to achieve with this new crackdown.

"This is a demand that can be issued to anybody and will be issued to everybody during a traffic stop, it's meant to be a very quick process where you provide a sample of your breath on an approved screening device, it will happen roadside and that's to determine whether you have any alcohol in your system" says Scott.

Under the previous law police needed to have reasonable grounds to suspect a driver is impaired to demand a breathalyzer test.

The new bill will also mean an increased prison term for many impaired driving offenses from 5 years to 10 and it gives the Crown the ability to seek dangerous offender designations for dangerous impaired and hit and run drivers plus people convicted for fleeing from police.

Another notable change which takes effect today is the creation of a drug-impaired driving offense which if caught comes with a 1 thousand dollar fine and a discretionary driver's license suspension of up to one year.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)


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