Province says a "Made in Alberta Plan" is the best way to go when it comes to carbon

Alberta NDP says "Made in Alberta Plan" is the best way to deal with carbon

The Alberta NDP is holding firm when it comes to the carbon tax.

The government insists this plan is more beneficial for Albertans than the carbon plan in Saskatchewan and Ontario who will soon have to pay a carbon levy to Ottawa.

Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson tells The One News how the province's plan is more beneficial than the plan in provinces like Saskatchewan who have scrapped the carbon tax.

"Our plan invests in renewables, their plan doesn't, our plan supports critical infrastructure projects like the green line in Calgary and the Valley Line LRT in Edmonton and their plan doesn't, and our plan phases out coal and supports for workers that are in that industry and their plan doesn't so having a made in Alberta plan is the best way to go" says Anderson.

Alberta's finance minister Joe Ceci has said getting rid of the carbon tax would allow the federal government to impose its will on our province.

Opposition leader Jason Kenney says the federal plan offers a bigger return to homeowners than the provincial one in Alberta.

Last month Ottawa announced a carbon levy starting in April of next year which will apply to provinces like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario who do not have a carbon tax.

 That plan will not apply to Alberta unless the United Conservative Party wins the upcoming election.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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