Province giving Leduc and Beaumont over $100,000 each with the Community Transit Program

Community Transit Program designed to help municipalities around Alberta

The City of Beaumont and Leduc will be getting a boost in their public transit in the future.

Late last week the province announced they'll be investing $215 million as part of the Alberta Community Transit(ACT) fund, which is designed to improve transit in the province's municipalities.

Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson tells The One News it's a much-needed investment for this region.

"You know investing in transit like that is a good thing for the province, and for our region, in particular, the Alberta Community Transit Fund is going to help municipalities offer more options to local residents and connect lots of people to services like education and jobs and things like that," says Anderson.

Anderson says Beaumont will be getting just over $164,000 while Leduc will receive a little over $147,000 for smart fare and bus technology.

The funds for the first three years of this initiative will be paid by the Climate Leadership Plan.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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