Property tax hike coming for rural owners?

The Alberta NDP says UCP is shifting the tax burden to municipalities.

The official Opposition has a bone to pick with the province's plan to stop proposed oil and gas assessment changes.  Leader Rachel Notley estimates municipalities could lose between seven and twenty percent of revenues.  In actual dollars, that could mean losses totalling $290 million by the end of the year.

Municipal Affairs critic Joe Ceci told reporters Tuesday the province is merely shifting the tax burden so the UCP doesn't break an election promise.  "They ran on they're not going to raise taxes," Ceci said. "but they're making the local municipalities and counties raise the taxes on their ratepayers so their hands are clean and they're making sure the municipalities are going to take all of the crap for doing this."

Notley was asked what the NDP solution would be.  "We absolutely understand that oil and gas companies are in dire straits," she said.  "Many of them can't pay their assessments.  One of the things I've heard from municipal leaders is that, in fact, the other crisis facing many municipalities is the companies that are not paying what they've already been assessed."

Notley believes, on average, municipalities will lose 12.4% of revenues by the end of 2020.

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