Pollinator Garden Challenge closes Aug. 30

The goal is to attract pollinator species to Leduc-area.

One in three bites of food depends on a pollinator.

That's according to the City of Leduc, who aims to help local biodiversity and food production through its Pollinator Garden Challenge that has been running all summer. 

Registration for the contest ends Aug. 30. It encourages residents to grow an environment for pollinator species like bees, moths, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The goal is to attract pollinators that’ll help with plant biodiversity and local food production. The winner will receive a Bee Hotel.

Although it’s likely too late to plant any flowers, the City gives tips on which species work best to attract pollinators. It says white flowers with a strong scent attract night-pollinators, while having flowers with a variety of shapes and bright colours will appeal to most species. The City says native plant species are generally the best for attracting pollinators.

Leduc is one of many communities through the continent who aim to create one million pollinator gardens throughout North America.  

Find more information here.

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