Phase Four of Snow Clearing begins this morning in Leduc

Snow plows are starting the job of removing snow from streets in residential neighbourhoods

The message from the city of Leduc is pretty simple.  When you see signs posted in your neighbourhood indicating snowplows will be coming through, you need to get your vehicle off the street for the day.

"Not only do we deploy the large snow removal signs as you enter into the neighbourhood, but we are also adding smaller A-frame signs," said Director of Public Service Rick Sereda.  The additional signage is new this year and should make it easier for residents to tell when plows will be in their neighbourhoods.

No word yet on how long it will take for crews to complete this phase of snow removal.  "Obviously it all depends on how willing the community is to remove their vehicles and make it easier for our crews," he added.  Snowplows will hit the streets at 7 am each day until this phase is complete.

If residents are looking for additional information about how snowplows will be deployed they can find it on the city of Leduc website.  There is a snow removal update tab which indicates where plows are working, and where they are scheduled in the coming days.


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