People's Party of Canada visits Alberta

People's Party leader visits Alberta

The People's Party of Canada is not wasting any time before the federal election is called.

The party started by former Conservative Cabinet Minister Maxime Bernier already has more than 250 candidates acclaimed and is out preaching their message to Canadians about Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

Bernier recently completed a 10-day tour of Alberta which included a brief stop at The One Studio here in Leduc.

Bernier explains why he feels his parties motto will appeal to Canadians.

"We are a grassroots party, and yes a populist party but I'd prefer if you called us a smart populist party because our policies are serious and we appeal to the intelligence of Canadians, not to their emotions," says Bernier.

Bernier narrowly lost the Conservative leadership race back in 2017.

Despite being a new party Bernier says he looks at movements in countries like France as motivation that forming a government is possible.

In France Emmanuel Macron formed a new centrist party in 2016 that was elected to power just a year later.

You can hear the full interview and video we did with Bernier and the party's Edmonton-Wetaskiwin candidate Neil Doell here 

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