People's Party of Canada acclaims Neil Doell as the candidate for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin

Photo courtesy of Neil Doell Twitter

Neil Doell to run for PPC in the federal district of Edmonton-Wetaskiwin

The People's Party of Canada(PPC) is the first party to officially confirm a candidate in the Edmonton-Wetaskiwin region ahead of this falls federal election.

Neil Doell will hope to represent one of the biggest federal districts in the country preaching his party's message of individual freedom, personal responsibility, respect and fairness.

Doell tells The One News some of the issues he intends to tackle should he be elected as an MP in this area.

"Lowering taxes, equalization, ending supply management, and the carbon tax those are general policies and really just getting power and opportunity back to the local districts, I think for us the big one is building pipelines, that would really help out Alberta," says Doell.

He goes on to say "I'm gonna go to Ottawa and hold them accountable to the message we're promoting of freedom, responsibility, respect and fairness, but on a fundamental level the PPC is offering to return control of peoples lives back to individuals and the local communities and that's what's missing and what I would fight for".

Doell has worked in the lumber industry as well as oil and gas, technical services and currently owns a company where he works as an automation developer.

The current incumbent for this riding is Mike Lake with the Conservatives.

For more information on the PPC just visit or to learn more about Neil you can go to @votefordoell or e-mail  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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