People in Devon invited out to Tim Hortons to chat with local police

Photo courtesy of Town of Devon

First "Coffee with a Cop" event goes this morning at Tim Hortons in Devon

Police forces in Devon are inviting people from the area out this morning for an informal meet and greet.


The purpose is to get to know the officers around the community and see they're just like you and me when they take off that uniform.


Sergeant Thomas Perry, a peace officer in Devon tells The One News it'll be a big change from how most people see the police in the community.


"Being able to have a non-formal, non-judgemental kind of relaxed discussion in an atmosphere like Tims is super exciting, I'm really excited to see what they say and I'm excited to see what the turnout is and the overall attitude of it" says Perry.

The first "Coffee with a Cop" program in Devon takes place this morning at Tim Horton located at 180 Miquelon Ave #145 from 8-9am.

There's another one November 8 at the same time and then one on December 20 from 2-3 pm.   (JSL/AJS/THE ONE NEWS)

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