One of the victims of the workplace accident in Leduc remembered fondly by his son

Photo courtesy of Bondarchuk Facebook

Son of Millenium worker remembering father as a handyman who valued safety

The son of one of the victims of that tragedy at Millenium Cryogenics is speaking for the first time since the incident.

Daryn Bondarchuk was one of 3 men killed in an accident at the industrial company in Leduc on November 15th.

Speaking to the One News Daryn's son Cody says his father was a man that others gravitated towards.

"He was someone that was very easy to get along with and it's something that my younger brother has really inherited from him, you can drop them in a room of strangers and they make friends very quickly and my dad was always like that," says Cody.

Cody described how he'd heard the sad news "Basically a family member had phoned me just asking if I had heard from dad because no one was able to get in touch with him and just because of timing about 90 seconds after I hung up that call, I got another call from the RCMP with the news so in a way I didn't really even have time to think through what it meant that people weren't able to get through" adds Cody.

Cody admits it's a little frustrating not knowing what happened yet but says he'd rather see the OHS investigation done right than hear assumptions as to what transpired.

Daryn was 52 and had two other kids, Ashley and Matt.

His funeral is Monday at 2 pm at the Evergreen Funeral Home in Edmonton.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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