New Sarepta man looking to address climate change through tree planting

Former Alberta Party President from New Sarepta aiming to deal with climate change by planting trees

A Leduc County man is taking on a major tree planting initiative to address climate change.

William Munsey is hoping to plant over 600 trees on his 38-acre property later this year in New Sarepta that will absorb Co2 and emit oxygen.

Munsey tells The One News what motivated him to start this campaign.

"I just fell in love with trees over the time, I was once in politics and I got so tired about the argument about climate change, I just decided to plant more and more trees and it's grown sort of organically over the last few years and this year something happened to make it explode" says Munsey.

Munsey adds"Trees capture so much carbon, every ounce of a tree's weight is captured carbon from the environment and recently there's been real academic studies that show if we planted 1.2 trillion, that's a big number but if we planted that many trees we would totally mitigate the human carbon emissions".

Munsey, the former President of the Alberta Party has garnered attention for his cause from online retailer who have donated 450 spruce trees.

Munsey is inviting anyone who wants to help him plant the trees to come by his acreage the weekend of May 24.  

For more information, you can visit  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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