New facility at EIA now open for business

For people who travel on Air Canada will be happy to know there is a new facility that's now open for business at the International Airport

The 50 thousand square foot facility will help to modernize air cargo handling and ground services operations.

Spokesperson for Air Canada Angela Maah tells The One News what it means to them to have a new facility. "Our goal really is to provide world-class service and a brand new facility goes a long way in creating an enhanced experience for our customers that come in on the cargo side as well as our employees that are going to be working in that new facility. "

 "Basically we had these two important operations in two separate buildings, and the buildings were just a little bit older, and when we had the opportunity to move everything under one building, that just means we are going to get a new facility, everything will be state of the art," says Maah.  

Early this year Air Canada announced flight plans from EIA to Las Vegas.

The new facility opened today and came with a price tag of 19 million dollars.



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