New documentary focuses on missing Beaumont man

“Peaks and Valleys: The Search for Ryan Shtuka” is now online.

A new documentary explores the mysterious disappearance of a Beaumont man.

Twenty-year-old Ryan Shtuka seemingly vanished from the Sun Peaks ski resort near Kamloops, BC back on Feb. 18, 2018. He left a house party in the early-morning hours, but has not been seen or heard from since.

Co-director and producer on “Peaks and Valleys: The Search for Ryan Shtuka”, Jared Featherstone, explains why his crew decided to take on this project.

"We all grew up in Kamloops, we all lived that 'Sun Peaks-life' as young men. You go up there and hang out with friends, have a good time, and just take it easy. We saw a lot of ourselves and our friends in Ryan, so when we saw he went missing, it was a wake-up call like 'this could've happened to any single one of us'," said Featherstone. 

Work began on the film in spring 2018, with the aim of trying to keep Shtuka’s story alive and potentially provoke people to come forward with more information.

“The hope is that somebody who watches this, who may have been a peripheral-person up in Sun Peaks might know something, or it might trigger that one little piece of information that they may have forgotten and come forward with some information that could break this case wide open,” he said.

Featherstone says seeing Ryan’s parents’ efforts to form search parties and purposeful hikes were impressive to witness.

“Seeing how strong and resilient they were in bringing together a group to search for Ryan was a really inspiring moment. When we saw all the people that would come out time-and-time again to help Scott and Heather…I was just blown away by the composure they were doing it,” he said.

Watch the full documentary here. 

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