New ad calls for provincial parties to remember seniors care during election campaign

Photo courtesy of Public Interest Alberta

Public Interest Alberta calling on politicians not to forget the importance of seniors care

With a provincial election around the corner, a non-profit advocacy group is calling on political parties not to forget about seniors care.

Public Interest Alberta has released a campaign called "Alberta Seniors Deserve Better" an initiative which highlights the issues facing seniors in the continuing care system.

The Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta Joel French tells The One News why seniors care shouldn't take a back seat to other issues in the upcoming election.

"This issue we know for sure what the problems are and what the solutions are so I don't think that it means other issues have to become less important, I think everybody thinks the economy is important I think we need a lot more focus from every political party on seniors care issues," says French.

French says all provincial parties should be focused on investing in proper care for Alberta seniors who have worked hard their entire lives to contribute to Alberta. For more information just visit  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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