NDP says they're still committed to Keystone in spite of setbacks

Municipal Affairs Minister still confident Keystone Pipeline can get approval

Despite yet another setback when it comes to the Keystone pipeline the province remains confident something can get done.

Earlier this month a Montana judge ruled TransCanada and the province need to review the pipelines viability and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

Leduc-Beaumont MLA Shaye Anderson admits it's been a frustrating process but says they will do everything possible to get it approved.

"This government has made a commitment of 50,000 barrels a day of oil to this pipeline which has helped the project move forward and we're not gonna back down from it, you know TransCanada has said they're committed to it and we all think that it's a good venture and  that it's gonna help get our product to the world to get better prices for our resources" says Anderson.

The pipeline would carry as much as 830,000 barrels a day of crude from Hardisty, Alberta to Steel City Nebraska before meeting up with other pipelines to the US Gulf Coast.

The pipeline project was originally proposed in 2008 to carry crude from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast but that was denied by former US President Barrack Obama in 2015.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)


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