NDP says Albertans need to know "The Truth about Jason Kenney"

NDP launches website targeting UCP Leader

The Provincial Government has launched a new website targeting Alberta's Opposition leader.

The website called "The Truth About Jason Kenney" was paid for by the Alberta NDP and it outlines what they believe are facts about the leader of the United Conservative Party.

Shaye Anderson is the MLA for Leduc-Beaumont and he tells The One News the website is a real eye-opener for Albertans.

"I do find that our opposition leaders long history of imposing his personal beliefs on people and cutting off human rights is very disturbing, so that website is pointing out factual information that people need to know about," says Anderson.

The website says before Albertans vote they deserve to know about Jason Kenney-Who he is and what he has done.

You can look at the website here https://thetruthaboutjasonkenney.ca/.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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