Municipal Affairs Minister insists NDP is doing everything possible to get Trans Mountain pipeline approved

NDP doing everything to get Trans Mountain approved says Leduc-Beaumont MLA

One of the contentious issues in provincial politics has been the Trans Mountain pipeline something that has yet to be approved.

Late last week an emergency debate was held to discuss the project that's been costing the provincial million of dollars a day that it's not getting built.

Leduc-Beaumont MLA Shaye Anderson tells The One News the province is doing everything it can to get the project approved.

"Unlike the opposition members and some previous governments here and in Ottawa, we've got a lot done on this pipeline, we're not just talking about it, we've been fighting for it to get built since day one and the premier has made it a clear point that whatever we need to do to get it to tidewater we're gonna do" says Anderson.

Over the weekend the incoming mayor in Vancouver was not so optinmistic about the project saying a revamped National Energy Review of the pipeline is likely doomed to fail and land the federal government back in a courtroom.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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