"Mentally Healthy Workplaces" theme at Wetaskiwin luncheon

Photo Courtesy Angela Stewart

Wetaskiwin Chamber of Commerce held a "Mentally Healthy Workplaces" luncheon

At the Best Western Wayside Inn, Wetaskiwin Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon this afternoon that featured guest speaker Robert Manolson.

Manolson is the creator of Power Play Experiences, and today he talked about the importance of having fun while at work.

Executive Director of the Leduc and Wetaskiwin Chambers of Commerce, Jennifer Garries says " We are hearing more and more about mental health. There have been years in the past where nobody talked about it and now its almost the number one topic. The people still aren't talking about it. People need to feel safe to come to their employer."  

"Its such a hot topic now, and it's so important for everyone's health. You're hearing more conversations about it. We will conversations, and we would like to host more events coming up in the new year on mental health and different aspects of it." says Garries.    

Moving forward, Garries says to just continue the conversation of mental health and talk about it within your workspace.


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