Meet the Parents dinner tonight in Leduc

Photo Courtesy City of Leduc

Leduc's Family and Community Support Services hosting another Meet the Parents dinner

After the overwhelming response from last months event, Leduc's Family and Community Support Services is putting on another Meet the Parents dinner. 

Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for Leduc, Heather Graham, says some of the challenges parents face today could be " That your child has addictions or mental health concerns. They could be getting bullied at school, they could be struggling with addictions to technology or gaming."   

"We don't have the same sense of community that we may have had a long time ago, so it's less the village of raising the child, and often more just parents doing it in isolation. --- That really makes it challenging,"  says Graham. 

Graham says her best piece of advice for anyone raising their child whos transitioning to adulthood is "Making sure you are connected with your child, and that your child is connected to you." 

The dinner goes from 6 pm to 8 pm tonight at the Best Western Denham Inn. (AJS/THEONE)


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