Martial Arts studio in Leduc getting results

"Its the biggest accomplishment I have ever done in my life so far": says martial arts student who received her black belt

It's 15-year-old Hannah Robison who got her black belt from the Relentless Martial Arts school and the first one from the studio to receive it. 

It was after watching the movie Kung Fu Panda that Robison felt inspired to start martial arts. 

Robison says "I basically paved the way for other students, and set a standard for them. I feel very proud to be the one." 

" I have learned how to stand up for myself and others and to protect myself. Especially against guys who are bigger and stronger, and fight dirty," says Robison. 

Robison says her best piece of advice for anyone wanting to take martial arts is to stick to it.

Students at the studio are trained in traditional western boxing, taekwondo, and American kickboxing. (AJS/THEONE)





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