Majority of Albertans say lack of pipeline capacity is a "crisis"

Photo courtesy of flickr

A poll suggests most Albertans think pipeline capacity is a crisis

A little more than half of Canadians believe the lack of pipeline capacity is a national crisis.

Those were the findings of the survey done between December 21 and January 3 by the Angus Reid Institute which showed of the over 4,024 people they spoke with, 58% said pipelines is a serious crisis.

If we break it down by province 87% of Albertans polled called the issue a crisis and two-thirds of Canadians said the oil and has industry is the most critical economic issue right now in Canada.

The survey also found most Canadians aged 18-34 were not in support of pipelines while most people 55 and older were in support of pipeline capacity calling it an urgent matter and just over half of people 35-54 supported pipeline capacity.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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