Maclab Centre hosts Mental Health Symposium

Mental Health Symposium tonight in Leduc

Leduc's Fire Services is hoping to dispel the stigma that comes with mental illness.

Tonight at the Maclab Centre 6 speakers will discuss how mental illness affects not only first responders but the family and friends of those on the front lines as well.

One of those who will be speaking is Daniel Sundahl, a firefighter, and paramedic with Leduc Fire Services.

Sundahl tells The One News while there's a lot more awareness with mental illness today it's still something many are afraid to discuss.

"It's a legitimate concern for many first responders where you are perceived as being weak if you have a mental injury, but you know the reality is there's no different than if you injure your leg or break your leg while working as a firefighter, there's a potential it could also break your mind as a firefighter" says Sundahl.

The Emergency Workers Mental Health Resource Symposium starts at 6 pm and is absolutely free.  

You can find more information by visiting  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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