Mackenzie Gates Looks to be the Voice of the Youth

Mackenzie Gates is 1 of 14 Leduc residents running for a position on City Council.

Mackenzie Gates is one of fourteen candidates running in the municipal election in the City of Leduc for a position on Council.

Gates reveals to One News in an exclusive interview, his main motivation for running in this year's election. " As a youth here in Leduc growing up mostly in my adolescent years, I kind of felt as if we didn't have a whole lot here in Leduc for the youth. Mainly between the ages of15 to about 25. Since I felt we were unrepresented and we didn't have a voice, that was kind of my main catalyst to jump in the race. "

Despite being the youngest candidate running, Gates feels he would be a strong addition to Council. "First and foremost, the passion. I have lived in Leduc for a while now and seeing what we could do with Leduc and what we are doing right now I am very passionate about it. I would like to grow the community more. Honestly, I think passion trumps experience. "

When it comes to Gates' platform, the one major item he is focusing on is youth engagement. " With my age and being a part of the youth itself, I think it would be very easy for them (the youth) to come and talk to us, and to talk to council and bring forward their concerns a little bit easier."

Leduc residents will head to the polls on October 16th.

To hear the full interview between One News and Mackenzie Gates, click the player below:

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