Local teacher is trying to make life easier for people by developing a new app

A local teacher is trying to turn things into a one-stop shop with a new app

Stan Travnik is the Assistant Principal at Willow Park School.

He began creating Edhub three years ago.

The goal of Edhub is to try to streamline services and identify any holes in services.

Travnik says " the services are really anything that has to do with the community. If you are looking for sports, if you want a summer camp, that sports-related you can go there. If you have a family need if you are looking for an agency or child care to provide you with services you can hop into the family tab.

 Keri Nelson who is a parent of a student at the school had the opportunity to try out the app and she says " this app has everything you need under each location that it would be under. Its an easy click and find, all the information is there. I feel like everyone in the community would benefit from this app. "

The app is almost ready to go, and Travnik is currently in the process of looking for help from the provincial government to get it up and off the ground.  

"This has the truest potential to be amazingly useful for the citizens," says Travnik " It will save time and effort and frustration. It will streamline government and will save millions and millions of dollars at the same time. Its a complete win-win for everybody."   



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